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Free ToolsThe Tools below are just my gift to you for visiting my site.  These tools used on a daily basis will help to speed up the process of getting certain tasks completed as efficiently as possible.  If I find something of value that can help you out for Free, you’ll find it here.

As technology improves, so will the free tools and software. Check Back Often For Updates.





Join Me is a free screen sharing service that enables others to view your screen. Great for online presentations, and team assistance. Get everybody on the

same page, when they’re not in the same room, instantly. Review documents and designs. Train staff. Demo products or just show off. is a ridiculously simple screen sharing tool for meetings on the fly.



jingJing is a free piece of software that enables to take pictures or shoot videos of what you see on your screen / computer monitor. Share it instantly via web, email, IM, Twitter or your blog. Simple and free, Jing is the perfect way to enhance your fast-paced online conversations.


hand brakeHand Brake is a video converter that simplifies that task of getting your video formatted for the web. It is an open-source, GPL-licensed, multiplatform, multithreaded video transcoder, available for MacOS X, Linux and Windows.


Youtube downloaderYou Tube Downloader – A great free tool that enables you to download youtube videos directly to your computer. Simply copy the youtube url to your program and set the destination folder. You can now download that video to your PC, make edits and re-upload to your blog or site. Can be used for many other projects as well. Be sure you have the rights to use the videos downloaded (do not abuse).




object dockObjectDockis a program that enables users to organize their shortcuts, programs and running tasks into an attractive and fun animated Dock. By allowing users to have more control over how they organize their desktop, users can control their desktop icons and shortcuts making them available when, where and how they need them. Many of the programs you will download will need to be opened from within the downloaded folder. With Object Dock, you can specify which file will be opened by simply clicking on the icon after set-up.




slide rocketSlideRocket is a great presentation resource. It is completely web based and many compare it to keynote for mac. It is a revolutionary new approach to business communications designed from the start to help you make great presentations that engage your audience and deliver tangible results.




seesmicSeesmic Desktop – Social Media networking can be a time-consuming task. Build your community in one central place with Seesmic Desktop, which integrates both Twitter and Facebook. This all-in-one tool makes it easy to reply to your friends and share text, links, photos and videos all in one screen.




Want to recommend any free tools or software that I may have missed out on?  Send me a note and let me know what you are using to market your business.


To Your Success,

Elaine Horner






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