K&L Supply MC450 Center Jack

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The K&L Center Jack for MC450 Series Lifts is the perfect option for you to provide maximum stability to your maintenance deck. With a wide base of support and a maximum height of thirteen inches, this jack gives you precisely the range you want at the best price you could ever hope to find on the Internet.

A scissor jack in function, the K&L Center Jack for MC450 Series Lifts packs enough power and durability support a wide range of vehicles, including ATVs. This makes it the go-to option for any home mechanic or outdoor enthusiast looking to upgrade their garage. With this jack, you will be able to see perfectly underneath the ATV for any type of damage to the suspension or the engine. Motorcycle enthusiasts can benefit greatly from this jack as it gives enough upward movement for you to look at the bike without having to get on your hands and knees with cheek pressed to the ground, to see what is going on.

The portability of this piece of equipment makes the K&L Center Jack for MC450 Series Lifts excellent for road trips in the event of an emergency or a flat tire. Its sixteen-inch length and five and a half-inch width allow it to support any vehicle no matter how big its tire might be.