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K&L Supply MC450 Center Jack



The Original Industry-Leading Jack Trusted by Powersport Dealers and Enthusiasts Across the Nation  



✓ Motorcycle Compatible

✓ ATV Compatible

✓ Maximum Height: 13"

✓ Minimum Height: 3.5"

Heavy Duty


✓ Lift Capacity: 1,100 lbs

✓ Weight: 25 lbs 

✓ Material: Carbon Steel

Unmatched Quality


✓ Zinc Plated

✓ Manufactured in Korea

✓ Unparalleled Smoothness

Verified Amazon Reviews

The Real Deal!

"So this is the real deal that all the cheap Ebay ATV lifts are based off of. However this lift is better in every way. I have tried two different brands of the knockoffs and while they are handy and lighter/ easier to handle than this one, they cannot stand up to a heavy motorcycle at all. I literally destroyed my first knockoff lift trying to work on an old Harley. This one however lifts my 700 lb street bob with no issues. This lift is built from heavier gauge steel in every component and has a much beefier lead screw. I would say if you need to lift any sub 400lb bikes the knockoff lift may be a better fit as it's made of lighter gauge steel and is easier to move around. However if you need to lift harley or heavy atv's, this is the one and I would say accept no substitutes."


This is the Jack!

"The truth is, I have been wanting to get this jack for quite some time. The reason? I have worked in two Harley Davidson service departments, and all the techs used these for rear tire changes, shocks, brakes, or anything they needed to get a bike off the floor and stable; I've even borrowed them on occasion for detailing. So, if you are looking for a good sturdy jack that will cut maintenance time significantly and stabilize your bike, this is the one!"


Every Motorcycle Owner Must Have!

"Hands down the best purchase I’ve made owning motorcycles. Don’t waste your time with a cheaper knock off. I'm currently using this on a full size Harley and an adventure/sport bike. A must have if you like to do your own service or even washing/detailing. Even can use to stand your bike up right in the garage for space issues etc... I have a Craftsman motorcycle/atv jack as well but it's a little clumsy lifting the bike and lowering the jack can be tricky and dangerous as it can become jerky and uncontrollable.
This MC450 is as smooth as turning a wrench and precise and controllable. Take up the slack by twisting with your hands to lower or raise until you get some weight or pressure against the jack and then wrench away with confidence. Sorry I don’t have picks but make the purchase. It will be the best tool in your garage."


The K&L Center Jack for MC450 Lifts is the perfect option for you to provide maximum stability to your maintenance deck. With a wide base of support, a minimum height of 3.5 inches,and a maximum height of 13 inches, this jack gives you precisely the range you want at the right price.


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