K&L Supply MC455 Fat Jack

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Designed for use on all K&L platforms and products, this jack was made with maximizing the versatility of your platform in mind. The platform comes with a non-slip rubber surface for even more stability when working on your motorcycle or ATV.  Weighing in at 38 lbs, the MC455 is a beefy, wide jack capable of easily lifting 1100 lbs.  Coupled with a 10-inch wide platform, this jack is perfect for securely lifting your vehicle. When fully lowered, the K&L Fat Jack has a minimum height of 3 inches.  This means you can store the jack practically anywhere in your garage when space is limited. 

Product Specifications: 

  • Maximum Height: 13”
  • Dimensions: 16”(405mm) Length x 10”(255mm) Width.
  • Maximum Height: 13”(330mm).
  • Base Width: 14”(355mm)
  • Minimum Height: 3-1/2”